Foto Business and company law

Business and company law

  • Full practice in the field of Corporate Law in mergers and acquisitions, incorporation of companies, capital increases, spin-offs and dissolution of companies;
  • Drafting and revising corporate documents such as shareholders’ agreements, partners’ agreements, directors’ contracts, and codes of ethics and corporate governance;
  • We work in partnership with the Financial and Capital Markets area to structure investment vehicles, with a view to corporate reorganizations and succession planning, as well as providing better tax efficiency for our clients;
  • Setting up offshore companies to meet client requirements, such as tax planning, succession organization or corporate operations and reorganizations;
  • Due diligenceon companies in the process of acquisition, merger,valuation, or any other purpose demanded by the client;
  • Acting fully in lawsuits or arbitration proceedings involving corporate issues;
  • Consulting in the formulation of business contracts relating to e-commerce, commercial purchase and sale, business collaboration, logistics and the establishment of franchises;
  • Representing clients in competition law proceedings;
  • Advising and representing clients in trademark registration procedures and obtaining patents, as well as defending them against any infringements;
  • Filing lawsuits or setting up arbitration proceedings to protect the rights of the company and its partners;
  • Our Corporate Law team has worked in partnership with the Financial and Capital Markets Law, Health Law, Tax Law, Corporate Penal Law, Labor Law and Litigation teams.