Foto Labor relations

Labor relations

  • Acting in labor cases in all instances of the Labor Court;
  • Accompanying inspections by the Ministry of Labor and Employment and administrative procedures at the Regional Superintendencies of Labor and Employment and Regional Labor Delegations;
  • Follow-up of procedures with the Labor Prosecutor’s Office, analysis of Terms of Commitment to Adjust Conduct, attendance at hearings and presentation of defenses in Public Civil Actions or Enforcement of Terms of Commitment to Adjust Conduct;
  • Management of high-volume litigation, through partial or full outsourcing of the represented client’s portfolio of labor cases, with a team working exclusively for the client;
  • Preventive advisory work, issuing a legal opinion highlighting the client’s exposure to labor risks, as well as the measures to be adopted to reduce any labor liabilities that may exist;
  • Working in partnership with the Corporate Law area in due diligence procedures in mergers and acquisitions, to assess the existence and contingency of liabilities and financial exposures in labor matters;
  • Working in partnership with the Economic Criminal Law area on issues related to crimes arising from labor relations;
  • Representing clients in individual or collective disputes.