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Economic crime

  • Defense of companies and financial institutions, their partners, managers and employees in police investigations and criminal proceedings, in all instances of Brazilian justice;
  • Requesting the opening of police investigations, criminal complaints involving the protection of our clients’ rights;
  • Acting in police inquiries and criminal proceedings involving aspects of consumer legislation, the financial and capital markets, the environment, electronic law, industrial property, bankruptcy legislation and tax and social security contributions;
  • In this segment, we highlight our work in criminal, civil and administrative proceedings, aimed at preventing and investigating internal or external fraud in business companies and financial institutions, especially cybercrime and electronic fraud, and the consequent formulation of requests for the adoption of the appropriate criminal measures, with a view to the criminal liability of the perpetrators of fraud, as well as the recovery of property and assets to minimize the losses suffered;
  • Complete advice on criminal matters;
  • Our Economic Criminal Law team has worked in partnership with the Financial and Capital Markets Law, Health Law, Tax Law, Corporate Law, Labor Law and Litigation teams.